How to Use ADHD as a Success Tool for any circumstances

It may be complex to think that your adult ADHD has a silver lining after years of unpleasant ADHD symptoms and therapy. But it does: If you want to establish your firm, your energy and willingness to take measured risks might be beneficial. You, too, can use your ADHD to your advantage, according to Hadar Swersky. Characteristics that can work in your favor include:


The tremendous energy associated with hyperactivity is perhaps the most distinguishing feature of ADHD symptoms. That dynamism may have produced issues in more restricted contexts (such as school), but it may be beneficial in assisting a corporate leader in carrying out his vision.

Risk-taking that gets calculated

People with ADHD are sometimes stereotyped as reckless risk-takers, according to Hadar Swersky. Calculated risk is the key to success. “I enjoy the rush and the reward.” “It’s how I prefer to work.”It’s how I prefer to work.”

Imaginative problem-solving

ADHD is known for its creative problem-solving abilities. That might be because brilliant men and women with adult ADHD have had to devise a slew of novel strategies to succeed. “I learn best while I’m moving about.” We’d roll around with headphones on, listening to lectures and studying things.


Entrepreneurs are naturally creative, and those with ADHD are often intuitive. Furthermore, your innate charisma and vivacity might entice others to join you in your mission. What is the challenge? Because ADHD may make it complex to sustain connections, be prepared to invest some effort into the day-to-day specifics of your friendships and alliances.

The thinker who sees the big picture

People with ADHD get frequently chastised for daydreaming. However, in corporate leadership, this is a benefit. Delegate the minutiae and concentrate on the broad picture for success.


Adult ADHD gets typically thought to help you multitask more efficiently, although this isn’t always the case. It only works when all jobs get aimed towards the same goal. That gets referred to as “working cross-functionally.” It requires thinking like a psychologist, a marketer, and an accountant — and, when necessary, putting himself in his clients’ shoes. Investing in a decent organizing system will assist you in keeping track of your various hats.


The fact that their ADHD children know every detail about one favored topic, to the exclusion of everything else, such as homework, is a typical source of irritation for parents. However, we contend that the capacity to hyperfocus on a single goal is a competitive advantage in entrepreneurship. This kind of dedication and enthusiasm may lead to success.


We’ve discovered that persons with ADHD are intelligent — but that their talents are often in fields other than those in which they work. He says that the best way to guide your brain consciously is to choose the causes or disciplines that engage you the most.

Despite all of these advantages, if you aren’t strategic, adult ADHD might stifle your advancement. For example, organizational details and documentation are frequently stumbling obstacles on the ADHD route to success.

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Mr. Hadar Swersky is the founder of Smart Box Capital and the author of “Winning in business with ADHD" and Serial entrepreneur turned investor.

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