How a person with ADHD can lead a normal life?

ADHD is marked by problem focusing, disorganization, hyperactivity/impulsiveness, low frustration tolerance, and other symptoms that damage everyday functioning. While living with ADHD can be difficult, treatment and lifestyle changes can assist manage difficult symptoms for overall happiness. Hadar Swersky says that people with ADHD often need focus, talk excessively, wander off task, fidget, and act impetuously. Children commonly present with hyperactivity, and as they age, they can struggle more with attention, resulting in academic issues.

The disorder is frequently misunderstood by others. People who do not understand the symptoms of ADHD can label children with ADHD as lazy, unmotivated, or problematic children. Adults with ADHD may be seen as negligent or erratic as they struggle to remember significant details or obligations and they have a difficult time staying on task.

After being diagnosed with ADHD, many people suffer from strong emotions like anger, relief, sadness, etc.

Things that can be done

  • Talk to other people about how you are feeling, and be eager to ask for help.
  • Assure yourself that all these emotions are ordinary, even if they are hurting at the time.
  • Think about working with a therapist who is well-informed about ADHD.
  • Find an ADHD support group in your area. Meeting other individuals who have been through a similar experience is very useful.

Know how to manage your symptoms

  • Work with medical professionals closely to find the best treatment options for you. Do not dither to speak up when something is not working, and be eager to ask questions about what you can expect to experience with treatment.
  • Continue monitoring and managing your symptoms even when you feel as though treatment is working well. Your symptoms may change with changes in your environment or your ADHD can change as you grow older. Carry on communicating with your treatment providers about any changes you experience or any problems you notice.
  • You may also test with a range of lifestyle changes. For instance, close monitoring of your symptoms may help you make out that you need more structure in your life so you can spend less time looking for lost items. Adding more structure and getting organized may be vital to helping you manage your symptoms perfectly.
  • You may need to change dose or alter medications or, you may find it is better to start therapy when you go through a change in employment.

Hadar Swersky as an expert in this field says that living with ADHD is about monitoring your symptoms and working toward finding what works best for you actively. With the correct support and treatment, you can make a life that enables you to reach your greatest prospective.

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Mr. Hadar Swersky is the founder of Smart Box Capital and the author of “Winning in business with ADHD" and Serial entrepreneur turned investor.

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