Exercise Suggestions for ADHD Women by Hadar Swersky

Exercise can be as helpful as stimulant medicines for the treatment of ADHD, studies reveal. The brain releases dopamine and serotonin, which promote mood, decrease stress and anxiety, improves working memory, and improves leadership function, controls momentum, learning and memory. However, it can be tough for women with ADHD to stick to a workout, especially if it falls into a fight to spend the day. So what should a girl do? Here are some tips as suggested by Hadar Swersky:

• Begin Small

Don’t commit to work out seven days a week when you know that two days is more practical. Start with something so simple that you won’t be able to refuse it. Rejoice in your minor victories. Even a 20-minute stroll around the block will help you clear your head.

• Make Self-care A Priority

Women with ADHD tend to become people pleasers and prioritizing the needs of others. Take care of yourself so you can be a better person for those around you. Even small workouts can help new moms maintain their emotional sanity. When at all feasible, make yourself a priority.

• Find A Fun Business For You

The best workout is the activity that helps you feel most vigorous and happy about your body. Let the pressure go because it is ideal for weight loss, etc. It is a workout of a particular kind. If you have ADHD, you know it doesn’t work to try harder or force us to do something. If you detest Bhangra dancing and prefer it, do it!

• Toss Everything Together

Experimenting and attempting new things will satisfy your inherent curiosity and drive to explore. ClassPass is one method to achieve this, as it allows you access to thousands of different group exercise courses in your area, allowing you to avoid committing to a single gym or studio.

• Get Rid of Your Inner Critic

Women with ADHD are notoriously harsh on themselves. You may be thinking to yourself, “I should be able to keep to a regimen,” or “it shouldn’t be this difficult.” Get rid of your inner critic and forgive yourself if you don’t follow through on a commitment. Allow yourself to let go of the all-or-nothing mentality and understand that every bit helps. Maybe it’s parking four blocks away from the office. We can use a pedometer and keeping track of our steps. That might be anything as a graphic representation.

• Make It A Thrilling Experience

Women with ADHD are born adventurers. Turn exercise into an adventure to tap into this strength. Take a trek or walk, bike, or run through a new part of your city. Allow the colors, sights, and noises around you to stimulate your ADHD mind. Hadar Swersky always suggests the best options for us.

• On the Days When You Can’t Do Anything

Drainage may be possible with ADHD. If you only have to relax and unwind for a few days, do it. Listen to your body. You always know the good things for you. You know the best.